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The Society of Foreign Languages (SOFL) is a premier foreign language institute of Shimla Himachal Pradesh  India, and under expert guidance of InDaf and Goethe Institutes. The SOFL enjoys a unique status among the leading educational institutions of our state as it has, to its credit, the unparalleled distinction of offering quality education in more than 5 foreign languages.

The Society of Foreign Languages was established  in 2014 with the purpose of imparting training in different foreign languages to the personnel of the  government departments, students aspiring for higher studies and jobs in the respective Foreign countries. From a humble beginning, the School has gradually risen both in terms of quantity and quality. It has metamorphosed into an educational institute of great repute and excellence. While the strength of the SOFL faculty has increased to the number of students at any given time. The Society has been imparting foreign language training  and is regarded a pioneer institute in foreign language teaching.

SOFL is the largest and latest education centre of its kind in Himachal Pradesh. Two levels of courses have already been successfully completed. German students have already completed the A1 and A2 Level of exams by the Goethe Institute Max Mueller Bhavan.


Mrs. Seema Sharma is instrumental in getting the centre up and running. A gold medal winner in German language from the Himachal Pradesh University, and with several other accalodes.

eMeet our President, Mrs. Seema Sharma.

Ever since its foundation in 2014, the Society of Foreign Languages (SOFL) has been progressively growing both in its significance and elegance. The SOFL has maintained an unimpeachable track record in imparting foreign language training to Engineers, Students, Lawyers, Orchardists, Journalists as well as civilian personnel. Many former students of the School today occupy high posts in Government departments. SOFL  has made noteworthy contributions towards imparting the highest level of foreign language training. It has been the endeavor of the Societyl of Foreign Languages to achieve its mission by reinforcing and continuing the foreign language training through imaginative teaching methodology, research and learning and by integrating with various other educational institutes.

The course curriculum offered at SOFL reflects the latest foreign language teaching methodology. At SOFL, we have been constantly making efforts to make sure that the curriculum of various foreign languages is updated regularly so as to replicate the ever-changing teaching styles. The teaching program is appraised in consultation with the renowned foreign language experts who are the members of the Board of Examiners. Besides, the syllabus is also internally reviewed by the faculty from time to time. We regularly invite the external faculty from the eminent foreign language institutes for giving the students a broader exposure.


I take pride in writing that SOFL is considered as one of the best foreign language institute in the region. of the country. The School has set highest standards in teaching foreign languages. We make every effort to scale new heights by producing brilliant students who have brought laurels both to the country and the Society.. It is this holistic approach that has contributed towards unremitting growth of the Society of Foreign Languages. Today, SOFL symbolizes excellence in foreign language training.

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